ADOS- anxious about results

I (20F) had my ADOS assessment yesterday. I think it went okay. At the end they gave me 3 activities. I had to pretend to show an alien how to brush their teeth. Then read a childrens book and create a story using the illustrations. Finally I had to pick 5 objects and create a story, issuing each object as a prop. My assessor for example made a story about fishing and used her lanyard to make a lake and used tale as a fishing rod. 

I explained how I brush my teeth and where my things are in my bathroom. I couldn’t do the picture book very well, I think I interpreted the facial expressions wrong a lot. And for the last one I couldn’t do it either. I said that I had a lecture at uni so I look my objects with me.

 im scared I masked too much for a appointment. I tried not to but it’s difficult. I get my results in 4 days. I know that I have autism but I’m so worried that they didn’t believe me. 

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