Vote 2024 - register online before midnight 18/06/24


If eligible adults register online today, (Tuesday 18th June 2024), before midnight, via the GOV.UK website - they may vote in the General Election - 4th July 2024. 

The guidance suggests it should take most people about 5 minutes to register to vote online (during the registration process you say by which method you intend to vote in the Election).

It is said to be quickest if you go have your National Insurance number with you (to enter / input) as you register online. 

(Although, there is guidance to say you can still register to vote if that National Insurance number access is a problem for you / you do not have one). 

There are other ways to register to vote mentioned on that webpage too.

You can also find an Easy Read guide near the bottom of the page, under the heading "Getting help registering". 

(I don't usually make use of Easy Read documents - yet, when I had a look at it - I thought it seemed helpful - not least, to manage your thoughts and expectations beforehand).

MY COMMENT (ALL Party Political Politics Aside):

I believe it is vital for all Autistic adults, across all decades of adulthood, to have their own views, needs and outlooks: better, more readily, and more accurately represented in our Government / Parliament. 

One way to influence that is to register to vote ...and then place (cast / make) your vote in Elections. 

I encourage: use your vote to be counted and heard!

While this is not intended to spark a political discussion thread, I do recall my Late Grandfather's explanation, (to eight year old me), that, in his view; voting in Elections is a citizen's civic duty.

... maybe, you have had "register to vote" on your good intentions "to do list".  (Moved house since the last Election and have yet to update your details?).

... however, you might have realised that you have yet to get around to doing so?

"Action This Day!".

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  • I can't avoid looking at you if I don't know you're there until I come to a post of yours half way through a thread.

    I saw a piece on the news earlier about how many people with ASD and learning difficulties don't realise they have the right to vote, I find that shocking.