Should I email my GP directly?

I'm trying to resolve an issue over blood tests with the admin team at my local GP surgery, but they have stopped replying to my emails. I have found the email address of the individual GP I usually see online. Should I email him directly? I'm not able to use a phone as I can't process audio and respond quickly enough to avoid the other person putting the phone down on me. The online appointment booking system hasn't had any appointments available for several months. I'm worried that if I break a rule by contacting the GP directly they'll remove me from the patient list and I won't have a GP at all (although that is already what it feels like most of the time).

  • There's a form section on the website but I've been checking it for months and it's always closed. No text line.

  • Does your GP have an online triage form? Not the appointment booking system, sort of a contact form (I find it on systmonline) - that’s how my GP does it but I’m not sure how universal it is. Alternatively, do they have another system aimed at patients who are deaf/HoH (eg a text line)? GuybrushThreepwood makes a good point- if you do email them, I would send a nondescript, ‘Dear [GP fullname], i am struggling to contact your admin team to resolve an issue. Is this the correct email address? Thank you, [name]’

  • I get emails sent to my NHS account that are not meant for me and for someone with the same name and there’s no dot between my names so it’s not always like that. I would make sure you are fully 100% it’s correct before you send personal information, even to an NHS account. There’s been some spam emails targeting NHSmail email addresses recently as well as the recipient having a confidentiality breach if they are someone who doesn’t look after you

  • i doubt  it would help anyway, if they are choosing to ignore you they will continue to do so.
    they often do that as they are neglecting their duties all the time now, they cant be bothered to do their jobs, honestly they should all be fired and replaced by people who are greatful to have jobs.

  • On an word document uploaded to another site. Technically I guessed what it might be (NHS emails seem to follow the format of and then googled that to see if it got results and it did.

  • Whereabouts did you find it? If they put it publicly on their website they can’t expect that people won’t find it and use it. If you have an issue with the admin team it might be best trying to contact the practice manager first if their details are available and you want to log a complaint about what’s going on. Or if you do email the GP start off by saying something like I’m really sorry to bother you directly but you’ve had no reply from the admin team and aren’t able to use telephones.