3 Good Things

I decided that I'm going to write about 3 good things which happened to me today, and do this when I feel like it. Hopefully everyone will join in. The world is scary these days but sometimes good things happen.


1. I love watching motor sport and I found out I can actually watch a MotoGP race free and live next Sunday!!! Usually it is on a paid channel so I can't afford it but FOR ONCE I will be able to watch free and live!

2. I had my hair cut for the first time in 10 months. I had half of it chopped off because it was below my shoulders. I hate having long hair. I like short, neat hair, a kind of bob. My daughter said I now look like a 1920s movie star!

3. I got an email from a friend I had at school. She is a high-powered business woman, I am a stay at home mum, and pre-covid she was a bit snooty with me when I tried to reconnect and I'd given up on her. But she seems to have changed over the last year (haven't we all) and she seems to have turned back into the friend I used to love.

What 3 good things have you experienced in the last day/ week/ month? However small.

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