Blake's 7 (and other sci fi if you want)

I'm enjoying re-watching Blake's 7 so much that I decided to start a discussion about it. Who else wants to join in?

I can't remember most of the episodes because I was about 9 when I watched them, so it's like something new, but it is such a good series. High time for a remake.

Me and my friends used to play Blake's 7 in the playground. I was always Cally. We were all girls so some played male roles.

Avon is such a great character! I love his constant arguing with Blake and I realise now why I liked Avon. Apart from the fact he's a handsome man, he is actually a more attractive character than Blake. All Blake does is shout and get angry. It's very tiring. They should have shown a softer side to him. At least Avon is a bit funny sometimes. And they should have just got another actor to play him when Gareth Thomas left. It was a bit stupid having Blake's 7 without Blake. 

Also I'd forgotten about Travis in his head-to-toe black leather costume. Well! And I like his hatred of Blake too, the way he is always trying to kill Blake, but Blake avoids killing him in order to score moral points.

A much better series than I remember, at first I didn't want to watch it because it was one of the last series I watched with my dad before he died. But re-watching it is actually making me happy. I can imagine my dad chuckling at some of the silly scenes.

If anyone wants to discuss this series with me, please do!

  • I have finally finished binge watching the first three seasons of Blake's 7 on DVD.

    I enjoyed many of the storylines and the one of special guest stars such as Brian Blessed, Colin Baker who later became Dr who, his outrage at being top of the federation top wanted list, second only to Blake, 'SECOND ONLY TO BLAKE!'

    Then we had the verbal sparring with Villa and Carol Hawkins and her personal hygiene.

    Then we had an episode with jack Sugden from Emmerdale Farm.

  • I'll look out for those storylines (not the personal hygiene one, that sounds disgusting). Brian Blessed is as mad as ever isn't he, haha! Such a loud voice!

    We are now at series 2, just watched the one where Avon meets that bloke who is the brother of Avon's late girlfriend, Anna. The brother hates Avon and blames him for Anna's death, but in the end he accepts that Avon tried to save her. Awww...

  • Avon's girlfriend story continues in series three as Avon tracks down the people responsible for her death.

    The personal hygiene storyline episode is one of the best.

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  • Oh I did wonder if Avon went after the killers of Anna! That should be good.

    We've just watched the one where Avon and Vila go to that casino and win loads of money, then have to hide it from Blake and the others JoyJoy That was so much fun. I hope Avon and Vila have more storylines together. They are exact opposites and good foils for each other. I saw the actors on the quiz show Pointless a few years ago, and I think they won!

    I so wish Blake had stayed on though! I read that both actors assumed that one day there would be an episode where Blake and Avon had a showdown for control of the Liberator. But of course it never happened...

    Remake! Remake! Remake! *thumps the table*

  • I loved the speed Chess.

    5 seconds to make a move or lose a pawn.

    Overall loser gets electrocuted in the chair he's sitting in.

  • Yes, that was funny and brutal wasn't it.

  • I've just realised I don't think I saw series 4. Or at least only bits of it. I watched a tribute to Paul Darrow yesterday and there was a clip from the final episode and I didn't recognise it. I think I'd started secondary school by then and moved on from Blake's 7, it was something me and my friends played in middle school and we'd grown out of it by then...

  • Series 4 was pointless.

    Series 3 had an ending to the entire series.  Then they had to undo some of it to make another series.

  • I read that they thought the show was cancelled after series 3. Then suddenly they were given series 4 and possibly 5, so they had to make up new storylines. Apparently when the crew members were shot at the end, they were deliberately left with no visible damage so any of them could return for series 5 if they wanted, or if they didn't want to, they could be written out.

    This is why I want to see a remake. With a proper story arc, a 3 or 5 series arc so they can make the whole thing make sense instead of higgledy piggledy and cobbled together.