I am a parent of a five year old who is under assement for ASD. He does have quite severe speech and language delay, he can speak in short sentences but not yet have conversations. Over the last week my husband and me have had difficulty getting him to have a bath. Once he is in the bath he is more than happy to sit and play infact he is often reluctant to come out. Leading up to the bath he will play and ignore us rather than get undressed. We eventually help him undress and he prolongs getting in the bath until we eventually get him in but its a huge battle. Yestterday he insisted on getting in half dressed and refused to get undressed. He does need some help with dressing and undressing, I thnk he is desperate to do it himself. The ignoring us I am not sure why as other times he is looking at us and responding to us really nicely and is very cooperative. Does anyone have any advice or experience of this?

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